Nonprofit Event Request

Renfrew Museum and Park is a municipal asset of the Borough of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, managed on the borough’s behalf by the nonprofit Renfrew Committee, Inc (RCI). As a treasured historic site and beloved community gathering place, RCI welcomes fellow nonprofit organizations to request the use of Renfrew’s facilities for Nonprofit Events to enhance the offerings on our property and serve their audiences, free of charge.


Why does RCI require submission of Nonprofit Event Requests?

Renfrew Museum and Park is a special place with distinctive character and a dynamic heritage that RCI is charged to protect, preserve, and interpret. RCI has the authority and responsibility to evaluate applicant requests and to permit, manage, and/or deny all special uses within the boundaries of Renfrew Museum and Park. Therefore, before permission for an event will be granted, consideration will be given to potential impacts on the grounds, amenities, historic resources, visitor use, access to structures and sites, or institutional administration.


What does RCI consider a Nonprofit Event?

A Nonprofit Event is defined as an activity that takes place at Renfrew and that:

  • Provides a benefit to an individual, group or organization rather than the public at large

  • Requires written authorization and some degree of management control from RCI in order to protect Renfrew’s resources and the public interest

What does RCI look for in a Nonprofit Event?

RCI reserves the right to review and/or deny any requests by registered nonprofits for the use of its grounds and park amenities, accepting proposals for events that appropriately meet RCI’s mission, vision, and values; which adhere to Renfrew’s Park Use Policy; and which advance the community good.

  • Preference is given to local nonprofits which serve the greater Waynesboro community, but RCI does not discriminate based on your location and/or target audience

  • Renfrew may be willing to partner/co-sponsor with nonprofits whose missions closely align to our own and proposed events are mutually beneficial to both organizations. Please indicate if you request a partnership and how you envision it to be structured (sharing of advertising, volunteers, fundraising benefits, etc.)

  • Renfrew’s institutional  calendar will always take precedence and your request may be denied due to conflicts with our own events, tours, classes, and programming.

What is not permitted for a Nonprofit Event?

  • RCI reserves the right to deny any nonprofit event request which does not align with or is contrary to our mission or Park Use Policy

  • Service/sale of alcohol is prohibited (unless a Renfrew co-sponsored event).

  • Events which cause injury, damage, or impairments to Renfrew’s resources

  • Events which unreasonably impair the atmosphere of peace or tranquility maintained in wilderness, natural, historic, or commemorative/memorial locations within Renfrew’s grounds

  • Events which interfere with visitor use, access, and programs

  • Events which interfere with Renfrew’s management or administration

  • Events which interfere with concession/retail operations or other public facilities

  • Events which present a clear and present danger to public health and safety

  • Any activities prohibited by law or regulation

  • Any activities lasting more than one (1) day (defined as dawn to dusk)

Request Requirements:

  • Nonprofit Event Requests must be submitted no less than thirty (30) days and no more than six (6) months in advance of your preferred date to be eligible for consideration.

  • Be sure to account for all the time required to set up/break down in addition to the length of the actual event. For example if your event will run from 1:00pm to 4:00pm and you need about an hour to set up/break down, your requested reservation time should be listed as 12:00pm to 5:00pm. All event reservations must begin and end on the same day, scheduled only during public hours between dawn to dusk.

  • Submission of a current certificate of liability insurance naming both “Renfrew Committee, Inc.” and “Borough of Waynesboro” as additional insured. The insurance  and the requesting nonprofit organization shall indemnify Renfrew Museum and Park from liability, injury, or damages resulting from the actions or inactions of the requestor. General liability insurance must be carried by the requesting nonprofit organization showing both “Renfrew Committee, Inc.” and “Borough of Waynesboro” as additionally insured. Certificates of Insurance must show coverage on “occurrence” basis. The minimum amount of commercial liability insurance is $1,000,000 per occurrence, and $1,000,000 aggregate. Additional amounts may be required for the high-risk activities and events.

  • RCI may request additional materials to help us better understand your proposed activities and to help estimate any costs that may be incurred by Renfrew in managing, facilitating, or supporting the proposed activity.

How to Request a Nonprofit Event at Renfrew:

To make a Nonprofit Event Request, please complete the web form below. A member of our staff will be back in touch within 3-5 business days to discuss your proposed event, ask questions, clarify, etc. Additional/accompanying information such as promotional materials, maps, sketches, etc. may requested by Renfrew and may be emailed to

Submission of the application form below does not imply permission for any special use or event. Once the request has undergone review and approval by Renfrew, the nonprofit organization will be issued a Nonprofit Event Agreement to be signed/executed by both the requesting nonprofit organization and Renfrew’s administrative staff. Please note that the Nonprofit Event Agreement is NOT considered final until Renfrew’s administrative staff have signed off.