Memorial Trees

To inquire about planting a memorial tree at Renfrew Museum and Park please call (717) 762-4723 or email us at

Honor the memory of your departed loved one with a memorial tree planting at Renfrew.

$350 donation

Donor selects native species of tree of their choice (see below), sourced by Renfrew through Rockelman’s Heritage Tree Farm. Package includes a customized 8” x 3” bronze plaque (3-line maximum) mounted on a field stone from the Renfrew property. We’ll coordinate with your family to schedule a tree-planting ceremony on a date most convenient for them. Renfrew cannot guarantee the tree in any way, but will maintain it along with our other park trees. We will notify the family if the tree fails to thrive to allow for the option of replacement/replanting.

Approved Native Tree Species

American Beech

Black Oak

Bur Oak

Chestnut Oak

Eastern Red Cedar

Flowering Dogwood



Pin Oak


Red Oak

River Birch



Sugar Maple

Swamp Oak


Tulip Poplar

Virginia Pine

White Ash

White Oak

White Pine