Photography Membership

As a professional photographer, you know what a stunning backdrop Renfrew is for the perfect shot. You draw inspiration from the beauty of our historic farmstead for images that leave your clients wanting more. Help us preserve and maintain Renfrew’s picture-perfect qualities by purchasing your annual                        Photography Membership today! A year-long Photography Membership at $125 allows for unlimited sessions during public hours (daily, dawn to dusk). Please refer to Renfrew’s Photo Policy below for additional information on requirements. Thanks for considering making Renfrew your outdoor studio!

Renfrew’s Photo Policy

Professional photography is defined as any photography for which income is derived. All professional photographers must register at the Renfrew Visitors Center and purchase a Photography Membership for $125 per calendar year. Photography Members will receive a signed copy of the registration and a Photography Member Pass which will be marked with the pass holder’s name, company name (if applicable) and the date for which they were obtained. Passes are valid for one (1) calendar year from January through December. Photographers must prominently display their pass at all times while photographing on Renfrew property. Unregistered photographers will be asked to register or terminate the photo session.

Photography passes are not required for amateur or student photographers not working for income.

Photography passes are not required for media photographers working for the purposes of journalism. Photography passes are not required for professional photographers whose clients have rented Renfrew facilities, during the hours of the rental. Photographers may not interfere with any Renfrew activity, program, or event that is being held or conducted at Renfrew. Photographers may be asked to move to another area by Renfrew staff if it is deemed necessary. Renfrew reserves the right to halt any photo shoot that it deems to be inappropriate or disruptive. Please check Renfrew’s schedule of programs and events to prevent any possible conflicts.

Support Renfrew by Purchasing Your Photography Membership Today!

Please register for a Photography Membership by calling (717) 762-4723 or by using the webform provided here. Once your information is complete, click “Submit”. If you would like to make payment online, click the “Add to Cart” button below. Otherwise, we’ll send you an invoice for payment by cash, check, or credit card over the phone.