About Renfrew Park & Museum

Renfrew became a public museum and park in 1975 through the generosity of its last private owner, Emma Geiser Nicodemus, and her sister, Hazel Geiser. In her will Emma Nicodemus specified that her house and the surrounding 107-acres, willed to the Borough of Waynesboro, be made into a museum and parkland.

Mrs. Nicodemus wanted the facility to be called Renfrew in remembrance of two young sisters by that name. According to local legend, the girls met their demise in 1764 on what is now Park property.

More than a quarter of a century after its creation, Renfrew has grown by leaps and bounds. Research and restoration have expanded the scope of the site to include a Visitors Center in the Victorian period barn, several restored outbuildings which include the smokehouse, milkhouse, and the Fahnestock farmstead with its barn and house.

We have designated all the important Royer farmstead sites with bronze markers set in field stone. More information on all the buildings and interpreted areas is available with a free brochure during regular operational hours in our Visitor Center. Not to be missed is a display of farming and tannery tools, and the John Bell pottery permanent exhibit also in the Visitor Center.


Renfrew’s Mission

Our mission is to preserve, enhance, promote, and interpret the Royer family Pennsylvania German Farmstead, the Nicodemus and Bell collections, and the surrounding park.

Renfrew’s Vision

Our vision is to be a welcoming and memorable destination where everyone can walk back in time.

Renfrew’s Values


With honesty and truth, we will adhere to the highest moral and ethical standards in all our endeavors.


We will interpret with historical accuracy all of our exhibits, collections, programs, and events.


We will be exceptional in everything we do.




RCI BOARD MEMBERS                                                                                 

Allison Kohler, RCI President/Director

Douglas Burkholder, RCI Treasurer

Andrew Benchoff, RCI 2nd VP/Director

Robert Benchoff, RCI Director

Annie Gomez Shockey

Greg White, RCI Asst. Treasurer/Director



Bob Benchoff

Bobbi Blubaugh

Daniel Cardenas

Connie Huet

Allie Kohler

Dick Lewis

Red Mohn

Doug Parks

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