The Royers of Renfrew Volume I “A Family Tapestry”




Part one of the Royers of Renfrew trilogy.

A portion of the proceeds of the sale of the Royers of Renfrew will be donated to Renfrew Museum and Park and The Institute at Renfrew.

Written by Maxine Beck and Marie Lanser Beck and loved by readers young and old.

“Working within a one year framework – Spring 1812 to Spring 1813, the first volume of the trilogy series follows the real-life Royer family of 12 as they live and work on their Pennsylvania German farmstead.  The novel, based on what is known of the Royer family, portrays childhood growing pains, family conflicts, issues of religious conscience, and life and death as viewed through the eyes of            9-year -old Susan Royer.”

“The Royers of Renfrew has a unique authenticity creating a realistic world through effective description and meticulous attention to detail…”  Alec Shane, Writers House

“…a captivating work of historical fiction…and endearing novel of the 19th century Germanic settlers who tamed a wilderness and helped forge a nation.”  Jean Woods, former curator Washington County Museum of Fine Arts