Park Use Policy

  1. Renfrew is a “Smoke Free” facility. Additionally, alcohol and illegal drugs and substances are not permitted in the park.  Persons under the influence of, or in possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances, will be expelled immediately and subject to criminal prosecution.
  2. Firearms are not permitted on the property except upon authorization of the Renfrew Board for safety, events, or demonstrations of a nature that would conform to the purpose of the park.
  3. Littering in recreation and park area is prohibited. All guests are responsible for taking with them all materials they bring to the park.  Renfrew Park is a “carry in – carry out” facility.
  4. The building of fires in recreation and park areas shall be done only on grills in the picnic area or with special approval for Renfrew sanctioned events.
  5. Users of the recreation and park areas shall respect the rights of others and conduct themselves in a manner acceptable and becoming to others. Unacceptable behavior would include the use of abusive and/or foul language.  Dangerous practices and endangering the safety of others is prohibited at all times.
  6. The current capacity of Renfrew for our public restroom facility is 125. If your party should exceed this number, you will be required to rent port-o-potties.
  7. Observe speed limits of 10 miles per hour or slower, depending upon conditions, in recreation and park areas where vehicular traffic is allowed. Directional signs must be followed by vehicular traffic and parking shall be in authorized parking areas and parking spaces.
  8. Picking of flowers or cutting or damaging any plant life is prohibited. No plant or animal life shall be removed from Renfrew Park unless authorized.  For weddings this includes not throwing rice, birdseed, releasing doves or balloons as these all have a negative environmental impact.
  9. Usage times for the pavilion are from 10:00 a.m. until dusk seven days a week. Renfrew Park is open from dawn until dusk.
  10. In case of an emergency Renfrew does not provide first aid or telephone service. We strongly recommend that you bring a first aid kit and cell phone to your event.
  11. Any decorating, moving of tables in the pavilion area, food service or tent and chair setup must be done by your party (after gaining approval from Renfrew staff) and must immediately be removed at the end of the event by your party/caterer. Staples are not permitted for decorating. Any picnic tables removed from pavilion area must be returned to their original positions after the event.
  12. Proper care and use of recreation and park equipment and facilities, shelter, buildings, tables, benches, trees, shrubbery, etc. is required. No person or persons shall destroy, injure, deface, tamper with or remove any public property in Renfrew Park.  The cost of any property damage shall be charged to the responsible person or persons.
  13. Any special needs or requests of your group will need to be in written form and presented to the Renfrew Executive Committee for review. This board meets once per month so please submit your requests as soon as possible.
  14. Weddings and other group activities will be permitted in designated areas and governed by the rental policy. (Refer to rental contract.) Facilities will be available on a first come, first serve basis.  Programs of a cultural, non-commercial nature are encouraged if scheduled and approved by the staff and when consistent with the purpose of the park.
  15. No persons shall operate or ride any skateboard, roller skates, roller blades, bicycle, motorbike, motorcycle, snowmobile or similar motor vehicles except in areas where motor vehicles are permitted, such as drives and parking areas. This regulation shall not apply to electric wheel chairs or other devices needed and used by handicapped citizens.
  16. Horseback riding in Renfrew Park is prohibited, unless express permission for a program or event.
  17. All persons are prohibited from entering the park with any animals, except dogs registered with the museum as a Pet Pal.
    1. They must walk their pets on a hand held leash at all times, and pick up and remove from the premises any droppings deposited by the pet.
    2. No pets are permitted in any Renfrew buildings.
    3. This regulation shall not apply to animals providing specialized assistance to handicapped individuals.
  18. No sport hunting or trapping of any species of animal life is permitted. Fishing is permitted but only in designated fly fishing/catch and release areas, and under rules and regulations of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission approved by the RCI Board.  Fish may not be removed from the park.
  19. Activities of an athletic nature shall be non-competitive and shall not be formally organized as leagues. Activities such as horseshoes, volley ball and authorized running events are permitted.
  20. It is the policy of the Renfrew Park to locate and preserve all sites of historic significance. However, only sites of outstanding value shall be restored and only if it is economically feasible to undertake the project.  All historic sites will be carefully documented to identify them for future generations.  Archeological explorations of historic sites will be permitted only with approval of the RCI and under direction of the staff.
  21. Any events or promotions that are political in nature are prohibited from this park.
  22. Metal detection is prohibited in the park.